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Steel Fabrication of a Double Knuckle Cone

Double Knuckle Cone   Double Knuckle Cone    

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A client approached Conrex Steel for fabrication of a stainless double knuckle cone. As a custom fabricator, this client knew we had the skills and the knowledge to produce exactly what they needed. We can fabricate segmental double knuckle cones beyond the formed only state, and in one course which eliminates one circumferential seam. Following the design and dimensions supplied by the customer, we pressed the segments from SA387, SA516, 304H stainless, and stainless clad. The double knuckle cones were fabricated by hot forming a blank to 15' long.

With our ability to form large individual pieces, we exceed the abilities of others in the industry. To learn more about this steel double knuckle cone fabrication project, please contact Conrex Steel today.

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Steel Fabrication of Double Knuckle Cone Project Highlights

Product Description This is a double knuckle cone we fabricated in one course eliminating a circumferential seam.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Hot Forming
  • Form Blank
  • Press Segments up to 15 foot long
  • Double bevel all edges, taper per instructions
Overall Part Dimensions
192" Outside Diameter
36" inside corner radius (large end knuckle)
24" outside knuckle radius (small end knuckle)
86" small end diameter
3" straight flange
97 degree apex angle
Material Used SA387 Steel
304H Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel w/ Stainless Clad
Material Finish Standard as-formed finish Chemical or mechanical cleaning by customer
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use Heat transfer industry
Volume 1
Delivery/Turnaround Time 4 weeks
Delivery Location Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Standards Met Customer supplied sketch
Customer Supplied Specifications
  • Specified Large and Small Diameter
  • Apex Angle or Height
  • Corner Radius at Each End
  • Straight flange at each end
Project Name Double Knuckle Cone

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