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Special Pressing of a Chrome-Moly Elbow for the Oil Refining Industry

Two Elbow Single Elbow Steel Elbow


Special PressingConrex Steel, a leader in the custom fabrication of large steel products, was contracted by a customer to produce a smooth flow elbow that would be integrated into their process. A mitred elbow would not be suitable in this application; we determined that the best route would be to fabricate a segmental flow elbow instead. We applied special pressing capabilities to create the segmental construction necessary to produce these parts as required.

These elbows would need to fit a Cr-Mo pipe with a nonstandard diameter. Made from normalized and tempered SA387-11-2, the 90-deg elbows were 1" thick, had a 56" I.D., and a bend radius of 84". There were five segments making up the final unit. Each segment was formed, trimmed, bevelled, fitted, and tacked to ensure that the elbow would function properly. The segments were assembled into the final elbow piece and shipped to the customer's facility. To learn more about this steel fabrication project, feel free to contact Conrex Steel.

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Custom Steel Fabrication Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis non-standard diameter elbow is used within the petrochemical / oil refinery application. Our client required a smooth flow elbow where mitred elbows were not desirable.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Special Pressing
  • Supplied 90ᵒ Elbow in 5-Piece Segmental Construction
Tack Welded
  • Shipped in 1 Piece
Overall Part Dimensions
Material Thickness: 1"
I.D.: Ø56"
Bend Radius: 84"
Angle: 90ᵒ
Material UsedSA387-11-2 Chrome-Moly-Normalized and Tempered
Material FinishAs formed
In process testing/inspection performedDimensional Inspection
Industry for UseOil Refinery
Volume5 pieces
Delivery/Turnaround Time Depends on shop load
Delivery LocationMississippi fabricator, for installation in Texas
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Customer Supplied Specifications
ASME B16.9 (special fittings)
Project NameCustom 90ᵒ Elbow

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