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Conrex Steel Liquid Storage SpheresIn the late 1990's Conrex Steel was approached to see if we could expand our segmental head capabilities to include the forming of large sphere segments. We were able to modify our pressing system to accommodate cold and hot forming of spherical segments for this project. The work with this customer eventually involved the forming of segments for 32 spheres between 63 ft and 73 ft in diameter.

Conrex forming procedures involved in this project proved to be very efficient and suggested that we get involved with more aspects of sphere segment manufacturing.

The trimming on these jobs was originally carried out by our customers and was very costly, and required improvement. We developed a robot trimming system that makes this trimming process more cost effective, and this has allowed us to become deeply involved in the business of supplying sphere components.

Additionally, the robotic trimming system has proved to be useful in cutting the sphere stub leg s to the required shape.

We have since used these systems to supply more than 50 sets of sphere components to various customers for field erection by their own forces. On most of these spheres we supplied a full set of components: segments, stub legs, lower legs, braces, and nozzles.

These spheres were designed by our customer designers to ASME Code Sec VIII Div 1 and Div 2.

These sphere orders were very compatible with our forming and fabricating capabilities, and on multiple sphere orders we were able to complete work at the rate of 1 sphere per month.

Today we apply our hot forming, cold forming, and trimming processes for manufacture of sphere components to max of 10Ton per piece, and diameter up to 80 feet, and thickness up to 3.25". Material of construction has been of pressure vessel quality, such as SA516 Grade 70, SA 299 Grade A, SA 537 Class 1, in as-rolled or normalized condition, with Charpy impact tests as specified, and ultrasonic test if required. After trimming and beveling, our segments are test fitted prior to shipment. Additional magnetic particle test is available on bevel edge preparation if required. All plates are marked with complete mill identification supported by matching material test reports. We supply our sphere segments to customers in various industries: energy, oil and gas, nuclear, chemical, and water treatment.

To learn more about our sphere components please contact Conrex Steel.

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